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River Arts is dedicated to bringing arts and education to Guerneville its surrounding areas through community projects. They're working hard to establish a permanent arts center as the creative hub of the region.

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First Saturday Art Walk happens monthly from 4 to 7pm in the Guerneville art galleries. Local art galleries and other art related venues participate in this town tradition with musicians and street shops.

1 Blue Door Gallery

2 Books & Letters

3 Center for Sacred Studies

4 Fife Creek Antiques

5 Glass Images

6 John Haines Art Studio

7 Kuhr-Norris Studio

8 McCaslin Studio

9 Oli Gallery

10 Pop Culture Art Gallery

11 Russian River Art Gallery

12 Sonoma Nesting Co.

13 Surrey Resort

4 Shillings Short at Oli Gallery

Music in the Galleries happens in several of the larger galleries in town, such as The Blue Door Gallery and Oli Gallery.  Tickets to these events can be purchased on this website, so be sure to check our Events page. 

Sally Baho at Pond Farm

Pond Farm Artist in Residence Program is a co-partnership with the Stewards of the Coast and Redwoods that brings artists in residence to the Armstrong Woods Pond Farm every summer. Resident artists give talks and demonstrations throughout the summer.

The Mural Project is dedicated to bringing public mural art to downtown Guerneville. Local artists and Guerneville school students energize the town with colorful mural art.

Window Paintings liven up windows along Main Street windows during the holidays. Local artists are paid to decorate the windows attracting shoppers and bringing a spirit of good will to Guerneville.

The Holiday Craft Fair is on track to become an annual event at the Surrey Resort every late November in Guerneville. Local craftsmen gather to create a festive atmosphere with handmade goods before the holidays.

Piano player at the Surrey Resort

Music and Art at Surrey Resort is an exciting new venue located at historic Surrey Inn in Guerneville. We work in partnership with the resort to bring music and arts events.

Vendor at the spring festival

Spring Arts Festival happens every late spring in Guerneville. Artists and vendors create a festive atmosphere in the town for a day of arts, crafts, music and fun.

Main Street in Guerneville

Guerneville Streetscape Caltrans Project is a partnership with the state and county to widen and beautify streets and sidewalks to increase accessibility and safety along Main Street (Highway 116). The project is scheduled to begin in 2023.

Conceptual drawing for a park on the south side of the Russian River

Guerneville River Park is right in the heart of Guerneville.  Located by the old historic bridge, it is a county owned facility that needs to be reclaimed  by the community so that all can enjoy.

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