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Angela Mills

There is something satisfying and at the same time continually a discovery about

working with clay for a long time, which is what Guerneville artist, Angela Mills

has been up to for the last forty years. Angela first put her hands in clay in the

third grade and created a fox figurine, which became her totem animal. These

days, you will find Angela busy at work in her home studio creating ceramic

pieces with the slab and coil methods. She works with a technique called

‘sgraffito’, which means scratching through a layer of colored slip that is applied

to a leather hard, unfired piece. Another technique she employs is ‘Mishima’

which is inlaying a colored slip into the leather hard clay. This clay artist mixes

her own slips from Mason stains, which gives her a unique color palette that she

finishes with a clear glaze.

Much of Angela’s work is characterized by carvings of ginkgo leaves and floral

designs. Her coming series will be more decorative wall hangings and moon

baskets for flowers or small plants. “I love working with clay and just can’t not

do it”, she says with her friendly smile as she puts another piece on the shelf.

“I’m inspired by Japanese ceramicists as they are master clay artists”. Angela

is part of an artistic tradition that has been around since the dawn of mankind.

She says that clay vessels last forever and that “this is a way to leave a little

piece of me behind”. Her work can be seen and purchased at the Russian River

Gallery, 16357 Main Street in Guerneville. And if you are lucky, she just might be

in the gallery to tell you her story herself!

Carolyn Wayland, interviewer

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